GEH LAB Publications

Arsenic in Infant Food


Risk Assessment of Arsenic in Rice Cereal and Other Dietary Sources for Infants and Toddlers in the U.S.

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Life in a Landfill


Life in a landfill slum, children's health, and the Millennium Development Goals​

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Childhood Diarrhea


Understanding modifiable risk factors associated with childhood diarrhea in an eastern Indonesian urban setting.

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PM Exposure


Challenges in evaluating PM concentration levels, commuting exposure, and mask efficacy in reducing PM exposure in growing, urban communities in a developing country

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Acute Respiratory Infections


Childhood acute respiratory infections and household environment in an Eastern Indonesian urban setting. 

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Great East Japan Earthquake


Disaster Waste Characteristics and Radiation Distribution as a Result of the Great East Japan Earthquake​​. 

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Annual Reports

GEH LAB 2016 Annual Report