Capacity-Building Activities

Global Health Workshops & Environmental Health Research for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Engaging Seminars

Short on time but want to build knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals, Scientific Research or other important global health topics? Invest in a GEH LAB Seminar on your campus today! 

Hands-on Workshops

Learning and development requires engagement and participation - our workshops are hands-on and all participants have opportunities to share their own knowledge skills while learning from international experts.

Field Activities

GEH LAB teams spend weeks in the field every year to offer site specific training.  We meet you where you are! 

Collabortive Development

We partner with individuals and institutions (universities, departments, agencies, organizations) to develop customized workshops and capacity building activities that meet local needs and address global challenges.  

Opportunities to Contribute

Join our team and offer your expertise to those who need it in low and middle income countries.  

Learn More about GEH LAB Workshops and Training

Our workshops have a research focus and can be offered at a range of levels to accommodate varying capacities.